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We’re Inicio – a young team with a fresh vision. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop brands holistically, as we’re telling a story about the whole of your business, a story that inspires.

Our Approach

behind the name

Inicio, a latin word with two meanings

Drawing from the Latin roots of our name, we embody two beautiful meanings. As a noun, Inicio signifies a new start, an initiation into something extraordinary. As a verb, Inicio translates to the act of inspiring, infusing, and causing a spark of creativity.

Meet the Founders

Camelia Antoci
Camelia Antoci
Marketing director & Co-Founder
With a solid foundation in business administration and marketing, Camelia is our head of marketing and operations. From client communication to crafting effective marketing strategies, she excels in connecting with people and ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.
Miruna Neacsu
Miruna Neacsu
Creative Director & Co-founder
With the mind of an architect and the soul of an artist, Miruna is the creative brain of the agency. With a passion for design in any form, she shapes the visual direction of every project, ensuring that each brand element is masterfully crafted and in harmony with it's identity.

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