Elevated branding for luxury lingerie line – Serafi Lingerie


Serafi Lingerie, a brand that epitomizes luxury, elegance, comfort, and empowerment. By crafting a brand identity that reflects these values, we aimed to create a memorable and sophisticated experience for Serafi’s customers.


The clean and modern typography, subtle color palette, and celestial-inspired brand name design combine to create a sophisticated and alluring image for the brand. Serafi Lingerie’s branding and packaging design work in harmony to convey a sense of confidence, empowerment, and timeless beauty, positioning the brand as a leader in the luxury lingerie market.

Brand Identity

Color Palette: The color palette incorporates shades of black, white, and burgundy. These colors convey sophistication, timelessness, and sensuality. Black and white add a touch of elegance, while burgundy infuses a sense of passion and intensity, further reinforcing the brand’s empowering nature.

Naming: We came up with their brand name “Serafi”, inspired from the Hebrew word “śārāf > śərāfîm” meaning “fiery ones, shining snake, flaming, glowing,” which lends a mystical and captivating touch to the brand’s identity.

Logo Design: The logo is composed of a modern and elegant sans serif font. Inspired by celestial beings, the logo embodies the concept of empowerment and shines as a symbol of beauty and confidence.