Designing educational books for kids – Wholehearted Society


Wholehearted Society is a small publishing house that caters to children. We have created book covers, graphic elements for their interiors, as well as materials for social media and the design of their Instagram feed.

Brand Identity

Illustrations: The graphic elements used in book covers and interiors reflect the concept of mindfulness, incorporating serene and soothing visuals that resonate with children. Calming colors and gentle imagery evoke a sense of tranquility and focus.

Engaging Social Media Design: The design of Wholehearted Society’s social media materials, especially their Instagram feed, aligns with their mission of merging mindfulness and education. The visuals evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, fostering engagement and promoting the benefits of mindfulness in early education.

Education and Promotion: Wholehearted Society’s brand identity focuses on educating their target audience while promoting their products. Through their social media presence, they provide valuable content that highlights the importance of mindfulness in early childhood development, as well as showcasing their books and materials.


The design elements used in book covers and interiors reflect the concept of mindfulness, while the social media materials and Instagram feed promote education and engagement. By incorporating educational content, showcasing their books and materials, and employing interactive and inspirational posts, Wholehearted Society effectively communicates their mission to merge mindfulness with early childhood education.