Sustainable Swimwear Brand – Serene


Serene Swimwear is a luxury swimwear brand that offers elegant and timeless designs for sophisticated women. They focus on creating high-quality swimsuits that make women feel confident and beautiful. The brand’s mission is to provide a serene and empowering experience for women through their swimwear.


Serene Swimwear aims to merge fashion and functionality, offering versatile pieces that can be worn both on the beach and as stylish outfits for summer occasions. Through our collaboration, we successfully developed a brand identity that elevates elegance and empowerment. The brand’s focus on sophisticated and versatile designs resonates with women seeking confidence and beauty in their swimwear.

Visual Identity

The brand’s visual identity is characterized by a clean and minimalist aesthetic, using a soft and soothing color palette inspired by nature. Their logo features a delicate and refined symbol that represents the brand’s elegance and serenity.