Elevating the online presence of local fine dining restaurant – Berd’s Restaurant

Berd’s Restaurant is a culinary gem that prides itself on bringing together the best of local and artisanal ingredients. With a mission to present high-quality produce in a reinterpreted form of traditional dishes, Berd’s Restaurant sought to align their online presence with their brand image.


Berd’s sought to showcase their exquisite culinary creations, share stories about their locally sourced ingredients, and foster a connection with their followers.

Our strategic approach, combined with the elegant visual identity, resulted in improved online presence, increased engagement, and a positive brand perception, while maintaining the brand’s minimal aesthetic.

Visual Identity

Storytelling: Each social media post wove stories around their dishes and ingredients. We emphasized the farm-to-table concept, sharing narratives about local producers and the journey of ingredients from source to plate. This approach helped foster a deeper connection between Berd’s Restaurant and its audience, reinforcing their commitment to supporting local farmers and artisans.

Visuals: We utilized a harmonious combination of warm and light colors, such as soft neutrals and earthy tones, to evoke a sense of sophistication and comfort. This palette was consistently applied across all social media posts, creating a cohesive and recognizable visual identity. Drawing inspiration from their commitment to textured and detailed design, we incorporated subtle textures and carefully selected typography to enhance the overall visual appeal.